According to The National Center on Family Homelessness, at least one in forty five children in America will experience homelessness each year. That's over 1.6 million children.

In 2012, I donated my time and talent to photograph families that were experiencing homelessness. Clothing companies such as Maisonnette Charming Clothing, Ferd Kids, Tom and Drew Boys, Ana Louie and Baby Nay donated clothing to be worn by and given to each child. Approximately 25 children were photographed during this time. These children were strong, beautiful, bright; they were just like my children (and your children) but happened to be going through something that some of us will hopefully never experience. 

As a dedication, while maintaining the anonymity of each child with strokes of paint, I've created five art prints from these photographs in which 50% of all print sales will indefinitely be donated to a children's organization or family in need of my choice (other percentage will go to print costs). Currently only open edition prints are available for this series. 

As of January 2016, my foundation of choice is

About Flint Kids Org:
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha of Hurley Medical Center, founding donor of the Flint Child Health & Development Fund who has been at the forefront of this issue, says “If there was ever a time to invest in our children, it is now. Our Flint children deserve every opportunity to be healthy and successful. The creation of this Fund will further ensure that our children are afforded the resources and interventions to overcome this population-wide exposure to lead.”

I would like for this series to serve as a reminder that a persons circumstances do not define them, they are simply building blocks to assist in their growth. Anything one may go through, they should always remember, "this too shall pass".


superimposition, photography, mixed media