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Paintings from the Golden Age continue to captivate and haunt me. I have long felt inspired by the golden baroque frames, rich tints and hues and the otherworldly technical skill. At the same time, I began to feel a disconnection to these works as well. Though a photographer, not a master painter, I feel overtaken by the desire to create contemporary imagery with hints of renaissance references celebrating the often hidden beauty of black people.

In this series, I loosely combine traces of African and African American culture with renaissance undertones. Specifically focusing on Black hair which is often labeled unkempt in the United States & worldwide.

The production of this series involved amplifying and combining hairstyles, manipulating and combining features, and often merging and piecing together eyes from a variety of different sources with my subjects eyes resulting in them appearing more knowing & directly connected to lost ancestry celebrating African lineage and the varying beauty of Black children. 

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